29 Aug 2022

A World Of Difference

What’s the single biggest difference between an ordinary video game and a VR game designed for autistic players?

It’s quite simple – the autistic player.

While other games start with the question “What do we want our game to be?”, BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space started with the question “What does an autistic player want our game to be?”

Some answers apply to both questions – engaging, stimulating, fun.

But there are important differences. For example, autistic players like to know what they are getting into. They want consistent gameplay and clear instructions. They appreciate accessibility designed into the game, not grafted on as an afterthought.

There’s not a single big difference between BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space and other games, but a multitude of small differences. Each is designed to make the experience more fun, more involving, more satisfying for autistic game players.

Which is different.