27 Oct 2022

EGX London – Lasting Impressions

BLINNK’s first outing at EGX London in September was an exciting step on the road to creating a game designed for autistic people.

We learned, first and foremost, that the game itself appeals to a wide range of autistic players. Young and not so young, we had a regular queue of people lining up to join BLINNK on Norpopolis. It was clear that the time spent in research and the effort we have put in to create features to support the autistic player was well worthwhile.

Watching people experience the universe of BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space for the first time gave us invaluable insights into what they liked about it, and occasionally what we could improve upon.

We also learned, as if we didn’t know, what a valuable exercise this is. We talked to so many lovely people across the four days who were excited about BLINNK and their adventures on the Norpopolis Space Station, and how it was made for them.

Encouragingly, we attracted the attention of the wider gaming industry as well. Several of the speakers gave us a shout out for what we are doing from the stage, and there was a lot of interest in our approach to accessibility and how to make games more welcoming to the widest range of players.

All of which has given us renewed energy as we complete the final levels and continue with QA before launch day – which is coming soon.

Watch this space!