14 Jun 2022

How Far We’ve Come

Five years ago, we had an idea, to create a VR game especially for autistic players.

Three years later we started to make it happen - we bought computers, opened an office, recruited our first two colleagues and made a start.

Now, two years and a pandemic later, we’ve expanded from four staff to eight, plus three part time consultants, and we’re just weeks away from launching our first game

It’s been an interesting journey, informed along the way by a lot of research. It’s been critical and illuminating. It’s no exaggeration to say that the insights we have seen have supported the original idea, but allowed us to expand it in ways we never imagined. They have guided the core idea of the game and every stage of its five levels.

But the learning never stops. We are now testing everything we’ve done to ensure that it fits with the expectations and hopes of our very particular audience.

It's quite a journey, and it doesn’t stop when the game launches in September. Post-launch, we’ll carry on working to improve and expand it so that our players can come back to it and find something new whenever they feel they want to.

And of course, all this research and learning is forming the basis for the next game. We’re already excited about what’s to come.