24 Nov 2022

The Final Stretch

Creating a VR game is a complex business. Creating one specifically for autistic players is even more challenging.

For a start, the player comes first. Which means understanding them, their likes, their passions, their autism. Not a small task.

Then there is harnessing the rapidly evolving VR technology to design a game that the player will feel is for them. And find people with the creative skills and technical know-how to make it a reality.

We started building BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space two years ago and now we’re nearly there. The characters are ready, levels are planned and built, the voices are recorded.

But we’re not ready to launch. Because one glitch in the game would be enough to make all that effort worthless.

So we’re testing and testing and testing some more, to root out all the bugs we can find.

We’re nearly there, so look out for the official launch date. It’s coming soon.