22 Dec 2020

The First Steps

Launching a business in 2020 has not been easy.

We believe it is worth it, however, because we have an idea. And with every barrier we have faced and overcome, the strength of that idea has become clearer.

Our aim is to create a game using the remarkable immersive technology of Virtual Reality, a game designed specifically for autistic people. Anyone who has tried VR will know that it’s quite a unique experience. If you are autistic, however, it’s much, much more. VR puts the autistic player in a world they control, where they can make their own choices and do what they want to do without the world demanding they fit in with its expectations.

The results can be life changing – autism professionals have proved that lessons learned in VR can help autistic people cope with real life. At Changingday, we are going a step further. Autistic people love to play video games. But video games are not designed with autistic people in mind, so they don’t always understand what they are doing, or why.

We will be working closely with autistic people to find out what they like, what challenges they face, what they feel comfortable with, to build a game that is engaging and fun, and which can help them feel more comfortable and more confident even when they finish playing. The advent of more affordable, more comfortable and easier to use headsets makes this the perfect time to start.

We’re at Day One of our journey. Welcome to Changingday.