4 Nov 2021

The Story So Far

It was the moment that the Changingday Project came alive.

A young autistic student came in to try VR for the first time. He had never verbalised while in class, but as soon as he started to play our VR prototype he started to talk. The effect was electrifying.

Our two prototypes are designed to test everything from the basics of sound, colour, shape, tone and character, to the complexities of delivering the information a player needs to play the game, to the actual mechanics of moving about and interacting within the game.

Reactions and feedback from around 250 autistic people have allowed us to gather a considerable amount of unique knowledge that will be the basis for the design and development of the game itself. Taken alongside the responses of a neurotypical control group, the insight gained has allowed us to form a picture of the particular challenges and real potential for a VR game aimed at autistic people.

We opened our doors on 1 November 2020 with four team members and a set of beliefs and assumptions based on our founders’ experience of autism, and the team members’ knowledge of game development. A year later, we have seven team members (soon to be eight) and an extensive programme of research under our belts. Many of the original beliefs and assumptions have been reinforced, while others have been challenged and updated.

Roll on Year 2, when we’ll be aiming to fulfil that potential.