18 Aug 2022

We Are What Life Makes Us

“Be true to yourself.” “Be the best version of you.” “Celebrate your own uniqueness.”

Except if you are autistic, that is.

In that case, please moderate your behaviour so that you fall into line more with our expectations. Even though you may not see the point of our expectations. Just stop being so noisy. Stop stimming. Stop being… you.

We’ve all heard those encouraging statements designed to encourage, enable and empower. And yet, if you’re autistic, all the world seems to want you to do is to be someone else.

But you are who you are. You can’t change that. You don’t want to change that. Why should you?

Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the things you do on your own terms?

That is what Changingday believes anyway. Which is why we’re launching a VR game designed specifically for autistic people. A game that allows you to be true to yourself while doing what you enjoy most.

So you can carry on being you.