6 Jul 2022

You Don’t Need To Change To Grow

Imagine the thing you love most is playing with a ball.

Perhaps you like throwing it and catching it, or kicking it against a wall, or keeping it off the ground for 100 times. It doesn’t matter, you just love the way it bounces, the way it rolls, the feeling it gives you.

Then someone comes along and says, you can’t just play with a ball. You need to be playing football, you need to understand all these rules, you need to be part of this team if you want to carry on playing.

But you don’t want to play football, you don’t want to be restricted by rules, you don’t like the others in the team. You just want to enjoy playing with your ball.

Now imagine you’re autistic and you love playing video games. But most video games aren’t designed for you. You don’t always understand the reasons why the game asks you to do stuff. There are noises and surprises that cause you stress. There are challenges that you just can’t do. Where’s the joy in that?

That’s why we’re creating a game for you, the autistic player. Everything about it is designed with you in mind - the gameplay, the controls, the characters, the action, everything. You can even change elements within the game to make it more comfortable. Or you can escape within the game, take some time, relax, enjoy the moment.

It’s not asking you to change, it changes to suit you. It allows you to be yourself, to be in control of your own world, to go at your own pace. And be happy just doing that.