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10 Oct 2023
Now on PS VR2

BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space, now also available on PlayStation VR2

24 Nov 2022
The Final Stretch

Creating a VR game is a complex business. Creating one specifically for autistic players is even more challenging.

17 Nov 2022
The Great Escape

When the world is getting too much for you, wouldn’t it be nice just to hit a button and be transported to a calm, safe place where you could gather your thoughts?

27 Oct 2022
EGX London – Lasting Impressions

BLINNK’s first outing at EGX London in September was an exciting step on the road to creating a game designed for autistic people.

20 Oct 2022
The Secret Life of Groobs

Today I am in search of those most adorable and annoying of space creatures, Groobs.

13 Oct 2022
EGX London – First Contact

It’s always a big deal when you first meet your public.

3 Oct 2022
Meet Bionic Lab Industrial Norp Nanobot (model K) aka BLINNK

Read our Exclusive Interview...

7 Sep 2022
Zertine, The Tough Mechanic With The Heart of Gold

Don’t let Zertine’s gentle outward appearance fool you. When you’re in charge of the biggest Robot Workshop on space station Norpopolis, you can’t afford to be a soft touch.

29 Aug 2022
A World Of Difference

What’s the single biggest difference between an ordinary video game and a VR game designed for autistic players? It’s quite simple – the autistic player.

18 Aug 2022
We Are What Life Makes Us

“Be true to yourself.” “Be the best version of you.” “Celebrate your own uniqueness.” Except if you are autistic, that is.

11 Aug 2022
BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space

Welcome To The Adventure. BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space is a VR gaming experience designed specifically for autistic people.

10 Aug 2022
Adjusting Life To Suit

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn the volume down on the irritating loudmouth at the next table?

2 Aug 2022
Not A Number

There are a lot of numbers associated with autism. £32 billion per year - what autism is estimated to cost in the UK alone.

26 Jul 2022
Life In A Foreign Land

Ever been to a country where you don’t speak the language, and where they don’t even try to speak yours?

19 Jul 2022
Virtual Is The New Reality

For many people, VR is still something of a novelty, at least until they try it. But the moment you put on a headset, it usually becomes a question of when you will get one, not whether you want one.

12 Jul 2022
VR and Autism

Autistic people play more video games than neurotypical people for a variety of reasons...

6 Jul 2022
You Don’t Need To Change To Grow

Imagine the thing you love most is playing with a ball.

28 Jun 2022
By Autistic People, For Autistic People

The only way to do it is to listen to autistic people, to what they have to say, and to what they want.

23 Jun 2022
The Immersive Escape

Escape is a natural reaction, even if it’s only for long enough to regather yourself.

14 Jun 2022
How Far We’ve Come

Five years ago, we had an idea to create a VR game especially for autistic players.

4 Nov 2021
The Story So Far

We've come a long way in our first year...

19 Aug 2021
Give us your thoughts, help shape our game

We're looking for autistic people to complete a questionnaire on their experiences, games, and VR, with the chance to win an Oculus Quest 2!

5 Jul 2021
VR game testers wanted!

Help us shape our game by testing some VR prototypes in a short 45 minute session

29 Mar 2021
World Autism Awareness Week 2021

We're proud to support World Autism Awareness Week!

11 Feb 2021
The New Power of VR

How VR is reaching the mainstream

22 Dec 2020
The First Steps

We’re at Day One of our journey. Welcome to Changingday.